Run more impactful experiments on Snowflake

Eppo helps teams run useful, reliable experiments by automating analysis, diagnostics, and investigations. Connect your Snowflake data in just a few clicks to get started.

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Eppo makes top notch experimentation on Snowflake easy

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Fast, resilient feature flags

Eppo's feature flagging SDK uses a global network of CDNs, with targeting rules, manual opt in/out, and automated rollouts. Or use your own feature flagging and our APIs.
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Run healthy experiments

Automated diagnostics, outlier detection, and sample size calculations. Get deep into stats if you want, rest assured if you don't.
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Self serve investigations

Replace your 150 line window function laden SQL with a powerful GUI for aggregations, funnel building, cohorts, general slicing and dicing.
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Snowflake native

Eppo integrates with Snowflake in just a few clicks, so you can query any experiment related data in your warehouse.

Use any feature flagging tool or in-house setup

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Integrate natively with most modern cloud data warehouses

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Run better experiments with Eppo and Snowflake