Run Experiments the Right Way

Hypothesis-centered AB experimentation, built for today's product and data teams.

Eppo experiment results

Airbnb and Netflix’s Experimentation Culture, Without their Headcount

Data Teams Will Love

That it’s built around cloud SQL databases
Support for bayesian and frequentist testing
Advanced statistical methods like CUPED and sequential changepoint detection
Self-serve, slice-and-dice analysis on top of SQL configured schemas
Diagnostics for experiment interactions

Product Teams Will Love

Hypothesis centric testing
Guardrails for drops in core metrics
No more asking analysts for investigations or to decipher results
Reporting that is consumable up and down the organization
Native usage of core business metrics, the same ones as the finance team
A knowledge base of prior experiments

Experimentation for the Modern Data Stack

No need for risky 3rd party SDKs. We work with your feature flagging system.
We compute using your warehouse. Your data never leaves your ecosystem.
Metrics and dimensions are configured via SQL for maximum flexibility.
We apply world class analysis automation: reporting, slice-dice BI, and CUPED variance reduction.

Decentralize Your Experimentation Practice