Accelerate experiment velocity, without compromising rigor

Eppo is the experimentation and feature management platform that makes advanced A/B testing accessible to everyone in your organization.

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Powering experimentation at top companies around the world
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Eppo powers experimentation culture

Increase experiment velocity

Reduce experimentation analysis cycles to 0, including deep dives and diagnostics
Shave weeks off experiment duration with CUPED++ acceleration
Safe, reliable deployment with feature flags and remote configuration

Make better decisions, with confidence

Ensure trust in data with zero-copy, warehouse-native architecture
Align around the metrics that matter and move the needle for your business
Reduce risk of false positives with trusted statistical methods

Activate self-serve experimentation

Remove analysis bottlenecks with out-of-the-box reporting and slice-and-dice capabilities
Centralize experimentation methods and workflows across your org
Easily curate compelling stakeholder reports with Eppo knowledge base

Warehouse-native experimentation and feature management, at scale

Eppo Dashboard

Advanced experiments made accessible

Warehouse-native architecture powers a world class statistical engine without becoming a black box. All raw data remains within your VPC for customer privacy. Proactive guidance, diagnostic alerts and streamlined design turn your whole team into experiment experts.

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Feature flags tied to your core metrics

A single home for experiments, feature gates, rollouts, holdouts, kill switches, and no-code dynamic configuration. Lightweight SDKs for client and server prioritize speed and enable consistent assignments across environments. Route assignments to your data warehouse so you can measure impact using trusted business metrics.

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Eppo DashboardEppo Dashboard

Realize the power of warehouse-native experimentation

Loved by our customers

Eppo enables us to get insights that wouldn’t be possible in previous tools. It’s a whole new generation of A/B platform.

Marc Stone
Head Of Data & Analytics
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After switching to Eppo, our Product Managers are spending 50% less time making dashboards and debugging issues, which leaves more time to develop the features our users want.

Emily Bartha
Product Analytics Manager
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Rigor, visibility, and transparency. That is Eppo. Eppo puts everyone on the same page.

Sarah Lillian
Product Data Science Manager
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Our team is very happy with the way we're running experiments with Eppo across front-end, back-end and Machine Learning use cases.

Mun Kim
ML Engineering Manager
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Integrations with the tools you love

Google Big Query
Amazon Redshift