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Accelerate experiment velocity,
without compromising rigor

Eppo is the experimentation and feature management platform that makes advanced A/B testing accessible to everyone in your organization.

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The end-to-end experimentation platform


Warehouse-native architecture powers a world class statistical engine without becoming a black box. Automate experiment analysis while maintaining rigor.

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Feature Flagging

Fast and resilient feature flags for A/B tests, feature gates, controlled rollouts, kill switches, and dynamic no-code configuration. Simple to get started, and built to scale.

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Unlock new possibilities in personalization with Contextual Bandits. Automatically optimize user experiences in real-time, or get more value from your AI models.

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Build game-changing businesses with an experimental mindset

Eppo delivers what an experiment-driven culture needs.

Increase in experiments run
Uptime for feature flagging config API
Daily assignments
Advanced statistics

The Most Advanced Statistical Engine

Trusted statistical frameworks for analysis—sequential, fixed sample, and Bayesian—all implemented rigorously. Plus we offer the most robust implementation of CUPED variance reduction.

Warehouse Native Architecture

Run experiments from a single source of truth and measure impact on core business metrics. No egressing of sensitive data or shadow warehouse syncs. Optimized to keep data warehouse costs down.

A Team on the Bleeding Edge

Connect with experimentation veterans to optimize your practice. Eppo gives you not only the tooling, but also access to world-class experimenters and the building blocks to nurture an experimentation culture in your org.

Experimentation That's Actually Accessible

Eppo is designed to make it easy for technical and non-technical teammates alike to self-serve experiment setup, monitoring, and analysis—no special knowledge is required.

Loved By Our Customers

Eppo empowers your organization
across diverse workflows

Product Growth

Optimize user onboarding experiences, stimulate viral loops, identify areas to reduce friction, and more.

Feature management

From simple on-off flags to gradual rollouts and full-blown experiments, we make it easy to allocate traffic and test across environments.

AI model evaluation

Build more effective AI products. Evaluate AI models by running experiments with trusted business metrics.

Lifecycle marketing

Better understand how your email campaigns and SMS nudges are helping you increase feature adoption, reduce churn risk, and more.

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