Run experiments the right way

Hypothesis centered AB experimentation, built for today's product and data teams.

Validate and investigate ideas at the speed of Airbnb, Uber, and Netflix, using your own feature flagging and metrics.

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Decentralize Your Experimentation Practice

No more having to react to badly designed experiments and low quality data. Eppo uses vetted business metrics, puts a stop to p-hacking, and gives organization wide visibility into your experimentation program.

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SQL Under the Hood

Build a reuseable library of your core business metrics, with Snowflake, Bigquery, or Redshift as source of truth.

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Crystal Clear Reporting

Standardized, opinionated interfaces build alignment around decision making. Keep the fishing expeditions and red herrings out of communication.

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Super-sized Analytics

Let analysts focus on strategic thinking and leave the rote, repeatable work to us. Eppo has built in slice-dice investigations, assignment bias diagnostics, and advanced statistical techniques like CUPED.

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