Feature flagging and analytics for fast, trusted rollouts

From simple on-off flags to gradual rollouts and full-blown experiments, Eppo’s enterprise-grade feature flagging tools make it easy to allocate traffic and test across environments.

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Lightweight SDKs for both client and server

Eppo’s compact SDKs contain the minimum logic and dependencies needed to split your traffic. Make assignments with a single, deterministic assignment function across all your environments and flag use cases. Our SDKs span the most common tech stacks, including Node, JS (including React), Python, Go, PHP, Ruby, iOS, and Android.

Sensible, resilient design

Eppo’s flag delivery system was designed using tried and tested engineering patterns. Flag configurations (simple JSON objects) are distributed to our SDKs via a highly available global CDN and cached again locally, minimizing evaluation latency. Redundant caching makes pulling Eppo into your codebase very low risk.

Bring your own event logging

Eppo leverages your existing application logging system to minimize integration complexity. Pass in a logging callback to any SDK (e.g. a wrapper around Segment or Rudderstack) to route Eppo assignments to your warehouse, where they can live alongside the rest of your business metrics and user data for rich analysis by our app. We are the only commercial experimentation tool that won't collect or charge you based on your own data. Privacy first, no black boxes.