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Save time curating experiment insights, share them easily, and turn learnings into institutional knowledge

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Evangelize Your
Experimentation Learnings

Easily Curate Insights

Use free-form text modules and a notebook-style approach to give stakeholders context on what influenced your decision. Include your hypothesis, variant screenshots, core metrics, any other content needed to tell the story of your experiment.

Share Results with Anyone

Export your report as a compelling, high-fidelity PDF to share results with anyone in your organization—even the executives who want to digest updates via email, Slack, or Google Slides.

Turn Experiment Insights into Institutional Knowledge

Say goodbye to the world where you write a report, share it, and then have it lost in the ether. Reports help you build a repository for experimentation learnings, track variables over time, and share insights to spark new ideas that feed the experimentation flywheel.

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Brett Styles

iOS Developer

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Brett Styles

iOS Developer

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This is awesome, and something that’s been missing. There’s a lot of work that goes into manually copying and pasting relevant data from the full scorecard into our weekly decks, and this can essentially replace it. Basically have distilled insights for everyone in the report, and the full scorecard (for PM and analyst usage) separate.

Christian Dalmau Baraza
Senior Product Analyst,
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