The most powerful warehouse-native experimentation tool

Hyper-optimized to keep cloud costs low.

Why warehouse-native?

Work with your most accurate and up-to-date metrics, completely in your own cloud.
Automatically use the company’s core analytics infrastructure, pulling the same metrics the CFO reads.
Leave a clear paper trail, making results easy to audit and reconcile.
Run experiments from a single source of truth; no data duplication.
Complete transparency into calculations behind experiment results, and ease in conducting follow-up deep dives.
Control of tables, queries, and experiment update schedule, leading to decreased costs.
No egressing of sensitive data.
No shadow warehouses that require constant syncs.
Easy compliance with GDPR.

The Eppo Difference

Integrates with any data warehouse: Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, and Redshift
Hyper-optimized to your warehouse to reduce pipeline costs by 90%
Daily incremental pipelines that only calculate what's changed 
Enterprise-scale metric management, including ability to create metric aggregations and add metric properties
CUPED shortens experiment runtime to reduce warehouse costs

Realize the power of the modern experimentation workflow

Eppo is the only enterprise-grade warehouse-native experimentation platform. No egressing of sensitive data to 3rd parties, and no reconciling results against black box data silos.

See the complete workflow

Want a comprehensive picture of Eppo’s warehouse-native infrastructure? Learn how Eppo optimized for trustworthiness, control, and privacy by streamlining the feature- flagging and experimentation process on top of the data warehouse.

Read the white paper