Powering experimentation at top companies around the world
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Realize the power of the modern experimentation workflow

Eppo is the only warehouse-native experimentation platform. No egressing of sensitive data to 3rd parties, and no reconciling results against black box data silos.

For every stage of the experiment lifecycle

Eppo centralizes experimentation across your entire organization, easily integrating with analytics infrastructure and engineering workflows.


Run experiment scenarios with self-serve power analysis. Centralize and coordinate experiment sequences across teams.

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Easily integrate with existing feature flags, or use Eppo’s feature flag SDK to confidently launch, remotely configure, and rollout experiments from a common UI

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Trust that experiments are healthy with automated Slack alerts for traffic imbalances, anomalous metric drops, instrumentation gaps, and data pipeline errors.

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Bring teams together with beautiful, accessible reports. Grow a scientific culture with centralized, consistent scorecards built around core business metrics.

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Go deeper on experiment results and understand root causes. Slice results
by core subject segmentations using warehouse data.

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Eppo applies bleeding edge statistical methods to warehouse-based business metrics, controlling false positive and false negative rates.

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Eppo’s principles of product science


No reconciling of results against black box tools


Native workflows for eng to implement, data to measure, product to run the operation

Privacy first

On-cloud compute means no egressing user data


Any experiment use case, one trusted process


Innovation comes with wide participation in product science

Advanced, yet accessible

Scale analytical power without high expertise headcount

Eppo customers have seen

Experiment efficiency
Time saved
More ideas tested

Scale Experimentation across any use case

Some ways in which Eppo can help you:

User onboarding

Activate new users by helping them see value, quickly

Funnel optimization

Reduce friction and increase focus across core workflows

AI & machine learning

Online evaluation shows which model changes truly work

Operational efficiency

Drive process improvements to get more from your team


Adjust experiences across different user types and contexts


Monetize users getting value more efficiently


Add network effects by connecting users and experiences

Email marketing & notifications

Optimize copy, cadence, and topics in campaigns

Viral loops

Turn power users into net promoters with shareable experiences

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Integrations with the tools you love

Google Big Query
Amazon Redshift

Start simple

Don’t need experimentation quite yet? Eppo includes a complete and reliable feature flagging toolkit out of the box for your engineering workflow: SDKs for your stack, feature gates, advanced targeting, kill switches, manual opt-ins. Use these features to decouple deploys from releases, and add on experimentation independently any time you want.

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