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Eppo, the next-gen AB experimentation platform, announced today its partnership with InvestInData, an angel investor collective composed of 30+ leading data executives from across tech’s most impactful companies — including DoorDash, Square, Amazon, Carta, and Shopify.

“IID has quickly brought in data leaders at the fastest-growing, generation-defining tech companies, representing the impact that data teams drive and the power they wield,” said Chetan Sharma, Eppo CEO and Founder. “We're thrilled to welcome IID as investors in Eppo.”

InvestInData’s collective invests in early-stage startups that build ambitious data infrastructure and analytics, and provides founders with a sounding board for product and go-to-market strategy.

Eppo was founded in 2021, and its customers include Contentful, Cameo, Goldbelly, and ClickUp.

"The Eppo team has helped build entrepreneurial, experiment-driven cultures at companies like Airbnb and Webflow," said Chen Peng, Head of Data at Faire. "They're leveraging that experience to help data teams deliver more than just trustworthy results."

“Eppo is a hugely exciting tool, empowering data and product teams to run high-quality experiments that lead to better product decisions," said Shane Murray, Field CTO at Monte Carlo and former SVP Data at the New York Times. "We look forward to working together with Che and his team.”

InvestInData is an angel syndicate made up of over 35 data executives from companies like Shopify, Discord, Faire, DoorDash, and the New York Times. The group leverages their collective experience to fund and advise early-stage data companies, solving problems they experience day to day.

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