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Today, we are pleased to announce the release of Eppo Reports. From the team that brought you Airbnb’s knowledge repository, Eppo is finally closing the sharing gap of experimentation teams. Eppo customers can now easily create visually compelling, fully contextualized PDF reports that are built to travel across an organization. And because the reports are built in Eppo, they are forever indexed and available to future teams and meta-analysis rollups. Reports are available now in GA across all Eppo customers.


At Eppo, we care about more than experiment automation, we started this company to drive experimentation culture. This is the feeling of meritocracy, when leadership puts customer impact first and enables every team to test ideas without having to win a political process.

To date, we’ve focused on trustworthiness. We are 100% committed to making sure companies avoid statistical theater. Experiment culture’s most common cause of death is pervasive skepticism from tooling that doesn’t address data quality, metric governance, and statistical rigor. We built Eppo to establish a new standard for trustworthiness in an experimentation platform.

But experimentation culture requires more than correct mechanics, it requires constant evangelism. The scientific approach to product needs to be highly visible and celebrated. When done right, experimentation moves leadership’s eyes from inputs (product marketing, shipping) to outputs (metrics, learnings).

The predictable result is enormous time spent curating experiment reports. PMs have to cat-herd a cross-functional team to confidently pull data, organize the right narrative, and scrawl it all out in Google Docs. Inevitably, the teams write in a completely different structure, adding cognitive load to readers. And after all of that time, the reports are usually lost forever in a dark corner of Google Drive, never to be read again.

And after all of that work, it’s still hard to get promoted off a low-trust Google Doc. These reports lack the aesthetic lift that emotionally triggers trust and excitement. The truth is, anyone trying to win hearts and minds could take a page from the McKinsey playbook: dressing up presentation decks is good ROI. Presentation quality matters.


Today, we are launching Eppo Reports, our next foray into helping companies drive experimentation culture. We’ve brought all of the learnings from Airbnb’s Knowledge Repo to experimentation, helping product managers save time and stress while vastly enhancing the brand of any experiment team using Eppo. Now, experiment wins and learnings are easily marketed across an organization, with results indexed in a knowledge base for future teams.

Build reports with blocks ranging from simple document elements to advanced slice-and-dice explorations

One-click PDF export creates beautiful, high-fidelity artifacts ready to share across the org, in any tool

Reports become part of an easily searchable repository to build institutional knowledge

Eppo’s reports are built with these ideas in mind:

  1. Meet people where they are: Reports need to live on the collaboration tools that already exist. As much as we’d love for the CEO to browse Eppo each day, it’s likely that the report will need to render in email, or on a phone in transit.
  2. Trustworthiness: The silent killer of experimentation culture is leaders not fully believing in the numbers they are presented. Reports cannot amplify misleading information from data pipelines not working, wrong metric definitions, statistical malfeasance, and cherry picking numbers.
  3. Build a brand: Documents leave an impression on the reader before they’ve even started reading. Like a document using official letterhead, an experiment report can reinforce its trustworthiness with consistent formatting, branded aesthetics, and a narrow focus on what’s important.
  4. Storytelling: The low-context report reader wants to know: why this experiment matters, what the team did, what the takeaway is. Insights become institutional knowledge when there is a narrative surrounding the charts and numbers.

Eppo reports are built for today’s collaboration tools: email, Google Docs, Notion, Slack. They elevate the brand of experimentation teams with intentional aesthetics and a flexible block system for storytelling. And because Eppo is built to centralize experimentation across product, growth, ML/AI, and marketing, Eppo reports can finally give a consistent, trusted report format across departments.

We’ve always said, our goal at Eppo is to drive corporate culture change at our customers, unleash the internal entrepreneurs, and enable companies to truly be rigorous about how well they understand customer impact. Our team built experimentation infrastructure at Airbnb, Uber, Stitchfix, LinkedIn, and we know well that experimentation culture ultimately builds through people and collaboration.

A special thank you to Annemarie Klaassen and the Vodafone Ziggo team, the folks at Dovetail, and everyone else who helped to inspire this project. Stay tuned as we continue to enable experimentation corporate culture everywhere.

Want to try out Reports? If you’re an Eppo customer, you can use this feature now. If you’d like to talk to our team about using Eppo, simply request a demo.

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