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Introducing the next evolution of Eppo

At Eppo, our mission is to bring entrepreneurial culture to every company. We enable teams to test product ideas quickly and safely, giving them the tools to celebrate the ideas that metrics prove make customers happy. As part of our evolution, we are excited to announce the launch of Eppo feature flagging.

Our feature flagging tool is feature-complete, durable, and resilient. It includes everything you need for your engineering workflow:

  • SDKs covering your stack
  • Feature gates
  • Progressive rollouts
  • Experiment assignment
  • Advanced targeting, including subject level opt-in
  • Kill switches

You can use these features to decouple deploys from releases, and layer on experimentation independently, any time you want.

Choose your own adventure

With this launch, Eppo becomes the first modular experimentation tool that lets teams operate in a variety of ways. Eppo users now have the ability to:

  • Use Eppo end-to-end for feature flagging and experimentation.
  • Use Eppo’s experimentation analytics integrated with your feature flagging tool of choice.
  • Use Eppo for feature flagging only, to drive engineering velocity and quality.

We built this feature because we believe great product development starts with engineers quickly deploying and iterating on high quality code, then transitions to developing an understanding of product ROI. To drive impact, you need the ability to do both.

This feature establishes Eppo as the all-in-one software that powers a seamless transition from fast, reliable engineering development to product learning and impact.

How it works

Eppo’s open-source SDKs span all major tech stacks. Every SDK is designed to be simple and lightweight, with speed and durability as top priorities. To make assignments, an SDK periodically fetches flag configurations from Google’s globally-distributed CDN. Those configurations are stored locally until the next fetch, making assignments nearly instant at run time. These caching mechanisms also ensure that Eppo will never take your site down.

With Eppo's SDKs, there’s a single function to care about: the assignment function. It takes in the subject key, an experiment key, and an optional map of subject metadata used for targeting.

Eppo’s targeting rules enable you launch flags to different audiences in a familiar waterfall structure (evaluated top to bottom).

Each allocation in a waterfall enables you to define attribute-based targeting rules, a percentage exposure, and a traffic split between variations.

Get started now

For existing Eppo users, these tools are already available. Get started by navigating to the Feature Flags tab in your dashboard. Here’s our 10-minute guide to setting up your first feature flag.

If you’re not already using Eppo, we invite you to sign up, and see how the world's fastest growing companies run faster, better experiments.

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