Born from World Class Growth Teams

Our team has experience building experimentation practices at Airbnb, Stitchfix, Pinterest, and Webflow. We are backed by Amplify, the early team at Looker, and the CTO of  Webflow. Join us, and help unlock the creativity of a world of entrepreneur-employees.

Open Positions


We want you to be your authentic self, and bring the best of your abilities to work every day. We are committed to providing support and agency, so that you build capabilities and relationships that you can take pride in.

Full benefits package including health, vision, and dental insurance
Competitive salary and equity package
Funds for learning and development
Unlimited time off
Parental and Family Leave

Team Member Testimonials

Lead Product Designer

I love being able to work on complex problems that make my head hurt (in a good way) with some of the kindest and smartest people you’ll ever meet. It is great to work with teammates who are all in on understanding the experimentation journey and to have customers who are excited to share in the process with us!

Software Engineer

It’s very satisfying to hear that our customers are using Eppo to pivot their company cultures into a mode of experimentation and learning. I’m thrilled to see how they use these tools to grow their businesses and stay ahead of the competition.

Statistics Engineer

As a Statistics Engineer at Eppo, I’ve had a unique opportunity to work on both cutting-edge statistical problems and meaty engineering challenges. Experimentation is right at the crossroads of math and code, and it’s great having colleagues who understand both. A highlight for me is our weekly Statistics Reading Group – there’s never a week when I don’t learn something new!

Customer Data Scientist

The world of experimentation is incredibly subtle and cerebral, making it an extremely rewarding space to work within. Folks here are experts within the experimentation domain and are extremely passionate about building the next great tool within it. So, if you want to work with some of the best on a truly interesting problem, come work with us!