Unlock new possibilities in personalization

Contextual Bandits enable data, ML, and growth teams to automatically personalize user experiences to optimize outcomes

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Level up personalization with low integration costs

Build dynamic experiences

Leverage context to build robust personalization

Context matters—a global-best action won’t suffice when preferences vary across users. Eppo’s Contextual Bandits enable you to deliver the best experience for a particular context, ensuring that actions taken are always relevant, not just relevant on average.

Measure Contextual Bandits’ performance

Eppo’s bandits are tightly integrated with experimentation analysis tools, helping you understand performance across any key metric, and enabling deep-dive investigations to understand exactly what is happening under the hood.

Say goodbye to black boxes

Contextual Bandits integrate easily with your existing data or ML stack using our SDKs. And Eppo's warehouse-native architecture provides transparent computation and allows you to leverage core business metrics.

Loved by our customers

Eppo enables us to get insights that wouldn’t be possible in previous tools. It’s a whole new generation of A/B platform.

Marc Stone
Head Of Data & Analytics

After switching to Eppo, our Product Managers are spending 50% less time making dashboards and debugging issues, which leaves more time to develop the features our users want.

Emily Bartha
Product Analytics Manager
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Rigor, visibility, and transparency. That is Eppo. Eppo puts everyone on the same page.

Sarah Lillian
Product Data Science Manager

Our team is very happy with the way we're running experiments with Eppo across front-end, back-end and Machine Learning use cases.

Mun Kim
ML Engineering Manager