July 27, 2023


10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

The Warehouse-Native Difference in Experimentation and Product Analytics

In the past, analytics tools required users to export raw events, andleave the computation to them. Inevitably, this led to inaccurate data streams, inscrutable black box analytics, and massive privacy and security risks from egressing large volumes of PII.

With the advent of cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift,Databricks, and BigQuery, companies now have the compute andstorage horsepower to easily work with large data volumes. As a result, the most cutting-edge products have started building their platforms on top of the warehouse. As Timo Dechau recently wrote:  “Event analytics on top of my data warehouse: This is the future I want to live in.”

Join us July 27 for a webinar that brings together the CEOs of two of the most exciting warehouse-native software products: Che Sharma of Eppo, the first warehouse-native Experimentation tool; and Alex Li of Kubit, the first warehouse-native Product Analytics platform.

Discussion topics will include:

The benefits of a warehouse-native architecture

Why siloed analytics practices make insights impossible to reconcile

How the best warehouse-native products reduce warehouse costs

How tools like Eppo and Kubit help minimize time-to-insight and maximize ROI

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